Consulting and Guidance

The Wakhlu Advisory (TWA) is a coalition of independent, experienced professionals from diverse domains, who work collaboratively to ensure that organizations receive advice and also hands-on guidance. They provide consulting and guidance unique to their needs, to enhance capability and improve performance also.

The Methodology followed by TWA sis industry and sector agnostic and relies on the broad ‘6-Plus Step Process’ TM shown below. Depending on the distinctive attributes of the enterprise, and the specific situation that a client organization finds itself in, the ‘6-Plus Step Process’ TM   is tailored to address the conditions of the business; and arrive at lasting remediation measures that are optimal, cost-effective and implementable also.

Finally to schedule a conversation around the needs of your organization please feel free to contact,  call or email us.


Adverse/Negative Performance Elements

Step 1

Adverse/Negative Performance Elements

Data / Intelligence Capture

Step 2

Data/Intelligence Capture

Consulting and Guidance - Technology & Processes

Step 3

Technology & Processes

Consulting and Guidance - Analyses & Tests

Step 4

Analyses & Tests

Consulting and Guidance - Syndication & Risk Evaluation

Step 5

Syndication & Risk Evaluation

Consulting and Guidance Optimum Remediation

Step 6

Optimum Remediation

Step 6+

Consulting and Guidance