Leadership Mentoring & Coaching

A critical set of leadership competencies – such as sharing ideas, enlisting support, building trust and rapport, inspiring associates, taking a stand( having spine), explaining one’s decisions, counseling employees, and influencing people – are all inextricably linked to the effectiveness of leaders in organizations. As business leaders deal with a wide and diverse set of stakeholders, comprising customers, vendors, superiors, peers, direct reports, and the rank and file, the need for a high degree of expertise in all these – and other aspects of leadership – is imperative.

This is even more pronounced, as business leaders interact with people not just locally or regionally but globally as well. According to numerous studies conducted, only 15% of the success of leaders depends on their technical skills and domain knowledge. The remaining 85% depends on their communication capability and Interpersonal effectiveness.

Bharat Wakhlu is an experienced, certified, and well-qualified professional who has enabled hundreds of senior business leaders to attain mastery in a variety of leadership competencies. Also enabling their teams to be inspired and guided to attain higher levels of performance.

Bharat’s approach to the Leadership Mentoring and Coaching process starts with the building of a trusting relationship with the Mentee/Coachee. Through a systematic onboarding process that requires one or more face-to-face meetings. Thereafter, the subsequent schedules are worked-out jointly with the Client-Sponsor and the Mentee/Coachee, so as to ensure that there is no hindrance in meeting the Mentee’s/Coachee’s work responsibilities

Leadership Mentoring and Coaching rely on a combination of Technology Platforms (Zoom/Skype/FT) and face-to-face meetings for sessions. This ensures that the Mentee/Coach derives the utmost of the Coaching process, even if the two are physically in different locations/geographies.

At the global level, the inter-cultural situations encountered by leaders are innumerable and can vary from conversing or interacting with foreign associates and partners, offering a simple greeting, organizing a business lunch, communicating with vendors/suppliers, and responding appropriately to a handshake initiated by lady colleagues. All these situations require leaders to be aware of and knowledgeable about the nuances of Intercultural and Multi-cultural interactions as well.

The Leadership Mentoring and Coaching services offered by Bharat Wakhlu ensure that leaders are well versed and fully capable of handling the challenges that they might face while delivering extraordinary results, in an interconnected world.

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