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Quest 2 Learn Summit 2023 Bharat Wakhlu addressing QUEST 2 Learn annual summit as an speaker on the topic called

In episode 47 we will speak to Bharat Wakhlu and explore Compelling Leadership – Insights from the Tata Group. Bharat

Founding Fuel Masterclass | Building A Premier Leadership Cadre: The TAS Story The TAS Story Lessons from India Inc’s replica

Leadership for a Happy and Purposeful Workplace. Bharat Wakhlu with Rajeev Mishra

There are two essential imperatives that necessitate living by values: the first – that just as material food nourishes our

A recording of our conversation on “How to deal with Toxic Bosses” is right here! Do listen in, and share

TOSB Conversation: Developing the Inner Dimension of Leadership with Bharat Wakhlu & Ajit Sharma

The Skill of Speaking Up